Alpaca is a highly versatile natural fibre. It is lighter and warmer than other wools owing to its hollow fibre and natural crimp (wave in each fibre) creating multiple tiny pockets of air that are warmed, providing exceptional insulating qualities. This combined with its breathability and wicking properties ensures you always maintain a perfect body temperature. Alpaca is naturally soft and has a wonderful sheen making it a comfortable to touch and attractive. Alpaca and lambswool are naturally hypoallergenic once finished. By combining Alpaca with lambswool we can provide the luxury of alpaca at an affordable price.

Geometric Motif Blanket in Alpaca and Lambswool Blend

  • Size

    Length 180cm x Width 133cm

  • Care Instructions

    For a long and happy relationship with your blanket it is best to wash infrequently, wools have naturally self-cleaning properties, so just air outside in dry weather to keep fresh. If you do have a spill remove immediately with a damp cloth and dry