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ecuweave is a small UK-based company working directly with artisan producers supplying beautiful products sustainably sourced direct from in Ecuador.

Alpaca &


We are a small UK-based business working with artisan producers in Ecuador to source and make sustainable, woven products from natural materials including alpaca, wool, palm and paja toquilla. Our aim is to work closely with our producers to ensure that we provide high quality, sustainable products that benefit them and provide affordable luxury to our customers.

Alpaca is a highly versatile natural fibre. It is lighter and warmer than other wools owing to its hollow fibre and natural crimp (the wave in each fibre) creating multiple tiny pockets of air that are warmed, providing exceptional insulating qualities. This combined with its breathable and wicking properties ensures you always maintain a perfect body temperature.

Alpaca is naturally soft and has a wonderful sheen making it a comfortable to touch and attractive. Alpaca and lambs wool are naturally hypoallergenic once finished. By combining Alpaca with lambs wool and acrylic we can provide the luxury of alpaca at an affordable price.

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